Workoutz Resistance Tubes With Sleeves (6 Feet)

This product is only recommended for individuals who are taller than 6ft. Resistance tubes with protective sleeves. Lasts longer than traditional tubes.

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NOTICE: This tube is intended for individuals over 6 feet tall. It can also be used for special applications where a longer tube is needed.

These tubes have nylon safety covers which function to prevent over-stretching and dangerous “snap-back” recoiling if the tubing breaks. This significantly reduces the risk of eye/facial and other traumatic injuries associated with tubing breakage. The safety sleeve protects the tubing from premature breakdown due to cuts, nicks, abrasion, body oils, and ultraviolet exposure. Allergic to latex? Sleeve tubes are suitable for those with latex sensitivities. They last 8 to 10 times longer than traditional “uncovered” tubing. The sleeve portion of the tubes are gray in color. However, the color-coded nylon webbing affixed to the handle allows you to quickly differentiate resistance levels. Length: 6ft (1.83m).

This item is available in five resistance levels:

Designation/Color Approx. Resistance
Light (Green) 12-14 lbs (5.4-6.4 kgs)
Medium (Red) 15-17 lbs (6.8-7.7 kgs)
Heavy (Blue) 25-27 lbs (11.3-12.2 kgs)
X Heavy (Black) 36-38 lbs (16.3-17.2 kgs)
XX Heavy (Purple) 53-55 lbs (24 – 25 kgs)