Assisted Pull-Up Bands Package


Designed specifically to assist with the pull-up exercise. Features the most popular resistance levels.

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  • Designed for specifically for assisted pull-ups
  • Great for P90X and CrossFit
  • Length: 41″ continuous loop
  • Color: gun metal gray

Our resistance bands are sure to help assist with the pull-up exercise. This package contains three 41″ loop heavy duty resistance bands, which are most commonly associated with assisted pull-ups. In addition, the bands can also be used for other things such as assisted dips, speed development, powerlifting, stretching, and general strength training. Maximize workout intensity with the same band used by professional sports teams, CrossFit, powerlifting gyms, high schools, medical/rehab facilities, and D1 colleges around the nation. These bands are thick and resistant to wear and tear. They are manufactured in layers. This process makes them more durable and last much long than a standard resistance band.

The following resistance bands are included in the pull-up package:

Band Size Width Assistance Range
Medium 1.125″ 10 – 45 lbs
Heavy 1.75″ 50 – 90 lbs
Super Heavy 2.5″ 75 – 100 lbs


NOTICE: This product contain dry rubber or natural latex. Do not use if you have a latex allergy.