Band And Tube Handle


Works with 99.9% of flat resistance bands and most tubes. Comfortably padded foam swivel handle.

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  • Works with bands and tubes
  • Comfortably padded foam swivel handle
  • White frame with black handle

This handle is ideal for hand-cut, segmented pieces of bulk tubing or resistance bands. The grip portion of the handle is made of foam material and swivels to accommodate different exercises. Works with all flat resistance bands sold on These handles work with all exercise tubes sold on, except X-heavy (black) tubing.


1. Insert band or tube through hole in handle from the bottom up. There should be at least 1 inch of band/tubing above the top of the hole.

2. Move band/tube aside and push ball assembly into the hole from the top down. The ball assembly should rest on the side of the band/tube.

3. Pull the band/tube tightly from the bottom while simultaneously pushing the ball from the top.

4. Gently pull the band or tube to test for slippage. Recheck after each use.

5. Be careful as to not use band/tubing in areas where product might strike another individual by accident.