Flat Band Combo Set With DVD & Door Anchor


  • FREE exercise DVD & door anchor included
  • Great for travel or home workouts
  • Awesome value; one low price for any resistance level

Our flat resistance band combo is perfect for full body exercises. This set is ideal for use at home or while on the go. It comes with a door anchor, which adds versatility to your workout regimen. A FREE instructional exercise DVD is also included. It is suitable for any fitness level, from beginner to advanced. The flat resistance band is 6 feet in length by 5.5 inches wide. CAUTION: This product may contain dry rubber or natural latex and is not suggested for those with latex allergies.

The following are included in the set:

1 ea - 4ft Flat resistance band (your choice of resistance)

1 ea - Door anchor

1 ea - Resistance Band Exercises DVD

Color/Classification Max Resistance Band Thickness
Red (Extra Light) 3.3 lbs .15 mm (5.91 mils)
Orange (Light) 4.5 lbs .20 mm (7.87 mils)
Yellow (Light/Medium) 6 lbs .25 mm (9.84 mils)
Green (Medium) 8 lbs .30 mm (11.81 mils)
Light Blue (Medium/Heavy) 10 lbs .38 mm (14.96 mils)
Indigo (Heavy) 15 lbs .53 mm (20.87 mils)
Violet (Extra Heavy) 20 lbs .68 mm (26.77 mils)


FREE Resistance Band Exercises DVD

Learn how to perform gym quality exercise from any location. Features over 30 resistance band exercises. Suitable for any fitness level. Easy-to-follow exercise demonstrations. Exercises for all muscle groups.

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