Workoutz Ankle Resistance Band Set With DVD


Great for lower body exercises! Includes a set of 5 ankle resistance bands and free DVD.

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  • Set of 5 ankle resistance bands with FREE DVD
  • Great for lower body exercises
  • Comfortable around the ankles
  • Plain, unmarked bands with no insignias or logos
  • May have a light vanilla scent

Challenge yourself with our ankle resistance band set. These ankle loops are perfect for lower body exercises involving forward, lateral, and backward movements. This set comes with five progressive resistance levels to accommodate any fitness goal. Makes a great travel exercise set.

Set includes the following ankle resistance bands:

Color Max Resistance Height/Thickness Length (resting) Width
Red 6.6 lbs .15 mm (5.91 mils) 12 in 1 in
Orange 9 lbs .20 mm (7.87 mils) 12 in 1 in
Yellow 12 lbs .25 mm (9.84 mils) 12 in 2 in
Green 16 lbs .30 mm (11.81 mils) 12 in 2 in
Indigo 30 lbs .53 mm (20.87 mils) 12 in 2 in


FREE BONUS DVD: Learn how to perform gym quality exercise from any location. Features over 30 resistance band exercises. Suitable for any fitness level. Easy-to-follow exercise demonstrations. Exercises for all muscle groups.

WARNING: Never secure ankle bands under a shoe sole or they could break easily. Bands are intended for use around the ankles or knee area only. This product may contain dry rubber or natural latex and is NOT suggested for those with latex allergies.