Workoutz Sports Bungee Cord

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Key Features:

  • A bungee cord shrouded in a double fabric protection sleeve
  • Safety covering offers peace of mind from dangerous situations
  • Stretches four times its resting length
  • Ideal for overspeed, ballistics, rehab, and general sports training
  • Can be used in concert with other attachments: belts, cuffs, handles, etc.
  • Max resistance: 55 lbs
  • Two sizes available: 4 or 6 ft
  • 90-day warranty


This cord was designed with safety in mind. The bungee cord has a protective double fabric sleeve around it. If the cord fails, it will simply bunch up into the fabric, minimizing the chance of injury. This is an extremely versatile training device! It can be used in several ways. Suppose you're a martial artist and you want to perform ballistic punching/kicking drills under constant resistance... This cord allows you to do just that. Two sizes are available: the 4 ft length which is ideal for short-range exercises, and the 6 ft length which allows more freedom to move. The longer cord can also be doubled over or looped at a single connection point to accommodate different exercises. The endings consists of steel clips that can hook into just about anything. Sample applications include handles, belts, harnesses, and ankle cuffs. The protective sleeve also makes the resistance cord safe to use with door anchors or wrapped around poles. Each cord has a max resistance of 55 lbs. Multiple safety cords can be attached to a single connection point to achieve additional resistance. 90-day warranty


  4 ft Cord 6 ft Cord
Max Stretch Length Approx. 16 ft Approx. 24 ft

Max Resistance

55 lbs 55 lbs
Cord Width/Thickness 2 in 2 in
Shipping Weight 1.1 lb 2.3 lbs
Color Red Red


RCS01Bungee Cord with Sleeve (4 Feet)1.1 LBS ($44.95)
RCS02Bungee Cord with Sleeve (6 Feet)2.3 LBS ($64.95)

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