Anchor Gym for Resistance Bands

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Key Features:

  • Includes one anchor gym
  • Wall-mounted resistance band anchoring system
  • Supports an infinite number of exercises
  • Mounts to wooden studs, concrete, etc.
  • Supports up to 300 lbs of resistance
  • Lifetime guarantee

The Anchor Gym is a wall-mounted exercise system designed to anchor all types of resistance bands; all brands of suspension straps; large loop bands; and stretch straps. With six different anchoring points, from ankle height to above the head, the Anchor Gym allows users to perform hundreds of exercises in a single location. Made of all steel components, the Anchor Gym is a space-saving powerhouse capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of resistance. And, there are no moving parts. That means there is nothing to break or adjust.

The Anchor Gym is rock solid! It anchors all types of resistance bands, suspension straps, large loop bands and stretch straps.



Platform for four major training protocols: Resistance Band Training, Suspension Strap Training, Large Loop Band Training, and Dynamic Stretching.


Delivers hundreds of exercise options. Easy-to-use. Fast and easy transitions. Wall mounted space-saving design. Takes up zero floor space. Heavy-duty construction; no moving parts.


The Anchor Gym is an amazingly simple product made possible by the unique design of its Hammer Head Safety Hook.


The Anchor Gym is mounted to load bearing wall-studs using lag screws (supplied); or is mounted to concrete or block walls using anchor sleeve bolts (supplied). The Anchor Gym is Patent Pending

Hammer Head Safety Hook

The Anchor Gym features the Hammer Head Safety Hook. With its T-bar tip and curved shape, the hook allows for bands and straps to be pulled from every angle without the possibility of disengaging. Users can exercise with confidence that their bands and straps are securely anchored. The hooks rounded shape was designed for fast, easy and smooth transitions.

No other piece of fitness equipment offers the versatility of the Anchor Gym. Warning: This item is designed for use with rubber or latex resistance bands; and straps made from cotton, nylon or polypropylene. Do not fasten resistance bands with metal clip hooks or other hooks made of hard materials (e.g., carabineers) onto the hooks. This has the potential to damage the hook's powder coating and cause premature wear.


H2102Hammer Head (Single Unit) - For Concrete3 LBS ($59.95)
H2101Hammer Head (Single Unit) - For Wooden Studs3 LBS ($59.95)

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